About El Grado

About El Grado Tequila

El Grado ultra-premium tequilas are crafted of 100% pure Blue Weber Agave plants grown in the rich volcanic soil of Los Altos in the highlands of western Jalisco. Each agave plant is carefully selected from mature fields, yielding large plants high in sugar content. La piña, the soul of the agave plant, is never rushed; it is selected at its peak maturity to provide El Grado Tequila a mellow, fully developed agave flavor.

The traditional art of slow-cooking has not changed with El Grado; it has been improved. We combine state-of-the-art, quality process controls supported by modern technology with the traditional production and crop techniques used 200 years ago and handed down through generations. Tradition meets the 21st century.

El Grado Spirits produces the world’s finest ultra-premium tequila at a reasonable price, so the world can discover the taste of a truly great tequila.

Our Heritage

El Grado Tequila is for those who appreciate tequila – those who desire a fine, quality spirit. The smooth, ultra-premium tequila is worthy of both everyday enjoyment and special occasions. El Grado offers a fine, true experience of the Blue Weber Agave, with a unique bouquet and flavor profile. Enjoy it neat, over ice, as a traditional shot, or as the perfect ingredient in “The Real Margarita.”

El Grado’s taste profile is born of the best qualities of Blue Weber Agave. Our attention to every detail, from harvest to fermentation and distillation, produces an ultra-premium tequila unmatched by any competitor. The incredible, rich taste makes El Grado truly worthy of its heritage as Tequila’s Crown Jewel.

Tequila’s History

Tequila is North America’s first distilled spirit, and has been produced in México since shortly after the Spanish conquered the country in the early 1500s. To be classified as tequila, it must be made from no less than 51% agave, and ultra-premium tequilas like El Grado are made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. For many years, México’s fiery liquor was largely confined to margaritas and shooters at the bar. Today’s fine tequilas are highly coveted by collectors worldwide – for both the smooth, aromatic liquor and the handcrafted decorative bottles. The founders of El Grado Spirits sought a unique taste profile for El Grado Tequila, and created an ultra-premium tequila that is sure to take its place among the elite spirits of the world.

Tequila imported by El Grado Spirits, LLC, Corpus Christi, TX. 40% alcohol by volume.
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